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#11 COPE

When reality hits you

People had to cope with a lot of things in web3 space. Most terrible thing is getting hacked of course. But for me coping with regrets was very often. I regreted what I did or didn´t buy, what I sold or didn´t sell, when or how much I sold or bought. Its never ending.


#10 HarrypotterobamaSonic10inu

Meme coins or mean coins

This is one of the meme coins that is on the market. I have never had any but I have noticed the bizar name.

I am personally not trading meme coins because it feels like trading against very smart people with a lot of experience moreover useing AI and bots. It is possible to make money but for me it is more like gamble. If you are not putting in the work it is more likely you will lose money. Get rich quick? Possible but unlikely. Much smarter people are counting on me as exit liquidity.



"We're all gonna make it" ...or not

Widely used phrase we heard a lot from NFT communities in bull run of 2021 to motivate and encourage each other. We were so focused on positivity that we may have lost touch with reality. However, bear might hit us hard. Get ready to fight for your “WAGMI”.


#8 GMI

"Gonna make it" and spend it

I still recall my initial exposure to cryptocurrencies where early crypto investors flaunted their wealth by buying yellow Lamborghinis. To get rich quick is possible in web3 but not all are GMI. If this is the goal and idea of success, we should be careful. We might just risk losing everything. Even if we might have joined for greedy reasons it is important that we learn. Money is not everything and it should not be the definition of success.



99.9 going to 0

Well I don´t know what this bear is looking at in this picture but for sure it makes him bearish. In this NFT bear market of 2023 I can relate to feeling like a bear myself. Getting in touch with reality from WAGMI mindset, it seems that 99% of NFT projects feel bearish.



high on hope

"Hopium" is a term used to mock "false hope" or irrational optimism. We have witnessed many people, including myself, fall victim to false hopes of making generational wealth with cryptocurrency. It can cloud your judgment and obscure the reality in front of your eyes, like the trader in this picture smoking some blue chip hopium.



My bags will moon

"To the moon" refers to the firm belief that the price of a specific cryptocurrency or NFT project will rise very soon and high. People dream about taking their bags (collection of coins or tokens) to the moon and promote their bags all over the Twitter timeline. When you convice enough people about it they will moon. But what goeas up can go down.



strongest hand you will ever see

HODL, or “Hold On for Dear Life,” refers to the strategy when you are not selling your digital assets, even amid extreme price changes in the market. Strongest people unaffected by swings in price hodling their coins are also referred to have “Diamon hands”. Chose well what to HODL. And don´t forget you can always choose to HODL on to your spouse, kids, relationship, family or faith. Choose well.


#3 Uncle seize AI memes 

WEB3 propaganda

Rememe inspired by 6529er meme UncleSeize. I want you the seize the (AI) memes of production.

I believe we saw a lot of NFT and blockchain propaganda on web3 Twitter. But how world changing NFTs really are? Let´s think about it in bear market and see what people did whit their IP of a favourite PFP.
I still believe thay really are making the difference. But when people handle it like it is cure for aging be careful.
"GM" say it back.


Following like sheep

FOMO "Fear of missing out" Powerful emotion. I came here because of it. I made money nad lost money because of it. And am not leaving because of it.
One of many lessons I have learned in Web3, was to know my FOMO.
In retrospective, I must admit, I have been like a sheep following the herd without a shepherd buying the next hot thing on the market. Most of the time when I feel FOMO I am already late. I want to be driven by curiosity and good faith not fear.



GM "Good morning". Every GM starts with a great coffee.
This is my first ever attempt generating text using AI. Of course, it had to be PEPE and „ GM “. Getting the result, I was looking for was very satisfying and I had to do more.


About me

Expressing my web3 journey with MidJournej.

Being passionate about creating, building, and innovating led me to this humble contribution for the web3 culture. 

Using AI and blockchain technology to create collection of MEMEs which represent what I have learned or felt during this NFT hustle.
I believe this is a first-ever MEME collection with WORDS generated purely by AI.

The roadmap ahead is uncertain. I don´t know where this journey will take me but I will learn along the way.